Sunday, October 16, 2016

Several resources where digital photos can be found on the Internet

Identify several resources where digital photos can be found on the Internet and used to create slide shows without actually requiring the user to shoot the digital photo.

According to Ching, Wang, Shih & Kedem (2006), integrating digital photos into a classroom would facilitate students' reflection on their classroom life and social world. Providing digital photos allows students to interact with their teachers and peers. Digital photos promote exploration and offers freedom for students to explore. Using digital photos improve students socially and personally in the classroom.

There are several resources where digital photos can be found on the Internet:

This website allows you to download high-resolution photographs.

You can find images that are free for personal, non-commercial use.

Images are now in public field and they can be reused.

You can find high-quality photos for your personal and commercial use.

Photos are in public domain and neatly organized in categories.

This is one of the biggest websites of free images and graphics that you can use for almost any desire.

Ching, C. )., Wang, X. )., Shih, M. )., & Kedem, Y. ). (2006). Digital photography and journals in a kindergarten-first-grade classroom: Toward meaningful technology integration in early childhood education. Early Education And Development, 17(3), 347-371. doi:10.1207/s15566935eed1703_3
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1/ Do you think using photos from several resources would help leaning process? how?
2/ How teachers can use digital photos in their classroom?
3/ How would you help students to navigate computers to use visual photos?

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Enhancing Learning With Visuals

Describe the roles that visuals play in learning.

Visuals play an important role in learning. Sometimes teachers face difficulty to make students attentive and involve in learning process. In order to create a congenial atmosphere, teachers should apply various methods, so that learners can be attracted and interested in gaining knowledge skills successfully. Teachers can use different visual aids such as charts, pictures, flash carts, and slides projectors. It is important to integrate visual resources into a classroom because it enhances learning and helps instructors to bring the real world into the classroom. Also, visual aids help students see the immediate meaning and absorb the concepts. Visuals also can help the teachers to clarify and coordinate accurate concepts, and empower them to make learning more concrete, effective, inspirational, and vivid.
In addition, Rao and Gagie (2006) stated that students with disabilities can get benefits from using visuals. It attracts and holds their attention. Visuals enable students to focus on the message to get the idea. It contributes to reduce the anxiety. Visuals help students to express their thoughts and ideas easily.
In conclusion, teachers should choose and create effective visual aids to encourage students to learn. The teachers should be well trained in using numerous advanced technical teaching aids to make learning domain comfortable and amicable to reach the students' needs.


Rao, S. M., & Gagie, B. (2006). Learning through seeing and doing: Visual supports for children with autism. Teaching Exceptional Children, 38(6), 26.

1/ How would you use visual aids in your class?
2/ What are some advantages of using digital photos?

3/ Describe how digital photos can be an effective tool for teachers?